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Glen Shoberg - Director of Manufacturing Operations

Glen is a recent addition to the Maximum Vitality Partners. He brings a very impressive background of practical knowledge and experience as a drug and supplement manufacturer.

Glen started his career working in various drug manufacturing facilities over the years and learned the process from training and experience. From his early experience with Don Hall Labs and then later Kirkman Labs, Glen has been in charge of drug production and full record keeping. In this role, Glen was responsible and held accountable for the manufacture of some very serious drugs including morphine where an armed federal officer would regularly visit and audit inventory and records.

Glen later moved on to become the Production Manager for Shaklee where he was responsible for the supervision of over 10 million tablets, 2 thousand gallons and 20,000 pounds of protein powder production every day. Glen is a wonderful addition to the many tools that MVP has to insure that our products always meet our tough standards for excellence.


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