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Gary Paulsen, President & CEO

Gary has been intimately involved in the health supplementation industry for over 20 years. From the early days of warehousing work, managing inventory, managing a distribution center and managing a complete manufacturing operation, to his current responsibilities as President and CEO of Vitality Corporation and Maximum Vitality Partners, Gary has achieved a broad range experience from the ground up.

Gary is an accomplished sales and marketing professional who has a proven ability to grow a business. He has a passion for providing quality products that will help customers look and achieve their best. Gary has creative energy and incorporates a win-win approach to his business dealings. As President of MVP, Gary feels that one of his most important responsibilities is "to bring all the tools together that the Partners will need to realize their success and personal fulfillment." Gary takes his responsibility for maintaining corporate fitness seriously; he cares very much about people and takes tremendous satisfaction from being able to help Partners achieve their dreams

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