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1 month supply only $42.95 plus S/H
2 month supply only $85.90 plus S/H
3 month supply only $128.85 FREE SHIPPING!

Exciting new weight loss
supplement is unlike
anything you have ever seen before!

√ Lose 25 pounds... in less than 3 months without dieting or strenuous exercise
√ Get rid of that stubborn excess fat and weight that had been so difficult to lose before!
√ Dramatically shrink that “beer belly” and take off several inches in your waist size!
√ Melt off that stubborn fat on your hips and thighs!
√ Say good-bye to those “Love Handles”!
√ Lower your risk of heart attack factors like LDL Cholesterol, Glucose and even C Reactive Protein!

Good news! That is exactly what recent scientific studies have shown is happening when participants were using this exciting all natural weight loss supplement daily for just 3 months. It’s simple and easy. You take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon. Then go on living your life and eating your normal meals. You will be absolutely amazed as your body naturally begins to melt off those excess pounds! You live your normal lifestyle, consume your normal diet without starving yourself, and the pounds just melt away naturally. You never feel like you are dieting because you are not dieting at all!
There are no addictive chemicals or stimulants in this all natural substance. Your metabolism is not artificially stimulated and you feel no different day after day. Yet, after just 3 months, you and everyone who knows you, will see a huge difference in your physical appearance. Imagine how much younger you will look and how good you will feel about yourself, being 25 pounds lighter! It’s the exciting and new weight loss program we call the 4 Way Weight Loss! In the past, weight loss programs meant that you had to diet or suffer in many ways just to lose weight. Not anymore.

♦ Gone are the days of dangerous diets.
♦ Gone are the days of feeling hungry all day long.
♦ Gone are the days of a greatly restricted diet, leaving you craving those foods you couldn’t have.
♦ GONE ARE THE DAYS OF DIETING! Eat until your hunger is satisfied. The revolutionary and exciting new 4 Way Weight Loss works in 4 unique ways to help your body get rid of that excess weight.


Major New Scientific

1. Changing the physical size of your fat cells. The number of fat cells in your body actually changes very little, regardless of your weight. It is not the number of fat cells that make you fat, it is their actual physical size. Normally, fat cells contain a certain amount of triglycerides which are stored inside of them. A large number of triglycerides stored in your fat cells is what makes you visibly fat and overweight.
When you are younger, your fat cells (Adipocytes) release a natural hormone called leptin.
Leptin comes from the Greek word meaning “thin.” Normally, leptin is released by your fat cells where it sends the signal to your brain that you have consumed enough food and shuts down your appetite. Secondly, leptin also initiates a process where the triglycerides stored in fat cells, can be broken down into various fatty acids, which can be then used for normal cellular energy production. That means more healthy energy for you and fewer triglycerides stored in your fat cells, which means less fat stored on you! The 4 Way Weight Loss helps your fat cells to utilize leptin efficiently and reverse the fat producing process known as
leptin resistance. Leptin resistance becomes very common as we age and makes it very difficult to manage weight successfully compared to when we were younger and could seemingly eat until you were satisfied without getting fat.

2. Improved Insulin Sensitivity. The ability of your cells to burn glucose for their needed energy is affected by their sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is a natural hormone that acts as the transport mechanism by which the cells allow glucose inside of them where it can be burned for energy. When blood glucose levels are too high, your body will frequently convert some of the excess glucose into triglycerides, which are then stored in your fat cells for future use. The active all natural ingredient found in the new 4 Way Weight Loss, called Irvingia Gabonensis, has been shown to help your fat cells increase their production of the hormone called Adinopectin. Increased levels of Adinopectin increase your insulin sensitivity, which means that your cells become much better and more efficient at burning glucose for energy and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

3. Reduced Conversion of Glucose to Triglycerides.
Glucose is the fuel that your body runs on. Excess glucose however, is often converted to triglycerides, which can then be stored and accumulated in your fat cells. The active ingredient found in the 4 Way Weight Loss, Irvingia Gabonensis, reduces or lessens the effects of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, which is an enzyme responsible for converting glucose into triglycerides. Thus, fewer triglycerides are available to be stored in your fat cells.

4. Lowering C Reactive Protein Levels. Your fat cells, or adipocytes, release many different hormones and substances including Leptin. These same fat cells can release a substance called C Reactive Protein, which is a protein that can bind to leptin. C Reactive Protein bound to Leptin is one of the significant causes of leptin resistance, as the leptin is no longer able to be picked up by your leptin receptor sites on your cell membranes to be utilized. Irvingia Gabonensis found in 4 Way Weight Loss has been shown to significantly drop elevated C Reactive Protein levels and thus allow leptin to function normally.
Equally important is to note that elevated C Reactive Protein levels are a well known indication of increased inflammation going on inside your body and are also an indicator of potential for the development of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. 4 Way Weight Loss is the exciting new no diet weight loss that can also provide tremendous health benefits for your heart and circulatory system as well! Never before has there been such an effective and all natural weight loss product that was so good for you!

Thank You!
Kevin Campbell
An Independent Distributor of Vitality-Corp.


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