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Guaranteed to lower your dangerous LDL cholesterol and raise your beneficial HDL cholesterol while protecting your heart and arteries from damage. Safe, all natural and with no toxic side effects to worry about, Cardio Cosanol !" is your best weapon against heart disease and heart attacks.

All the Great Heart Protection Daily-for just over $1 per day!

1 month supply only $39.95 plus S/H
2 month supply only $79.90
3 month supply only $119.85 FREE SHIPPING!

Check our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to see how ordering is risk-free! Remember: You should see results in your cholesterol levels in 90 days or less. Understand that if you are unhappy with the product for any reason you can return it for a full refund within 60 days of purchasing it.


Try this for three to six months (in addition to any prescribed meds if you are taking cholesterol drugs) and see if your test results improve. If so, (and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised), ask your doctor about reducing your meds (or avoiding them if you were borderline).

Cardio-Cosanol!" guaranteed to lower ldl cholesterol and raise your beneficial HDL cholesterol while protecting your heart and arteries from damage. Safe, all natural and with no toxic side effects to worry about, Cardio-Cosanol !" is your best weapon against heart disease and heart attacks.


Thank You!
Kevin Campbell
An Independent Distributor of Vitality-Corp.

Learn About Cholesterol and Cardio-Cosanol!

Cholesterol in its natural state is not only harmless, but beneficial. When LDL cholesterol is damaged by an unbalanced molecule called a free radical and changed in appearance (Oxidized LDL) it becomes a factor in the development of atherosclerosis leading to heart attack or stroke. Since HDL cholesterol protects LDL cholesterol from damage a low LDL/HDL ratio (less than 3.5 - preferably less than 3.1) is desirable.

The press is full of medical studies telling us to get that cholesterol down to avoid arterial and heart problems. For millions, dietary changes and exercise simply are not enough to lower high cholesterol levels, AND FOR GOOD REASON. Most people don't realize that a very small amount of their cholesterol is actually coming from the foods they eat. Your body actually manufactures greater than 80% of all your cholesterol!

Cholesterol is actually a very important Lipoprotein that your body uses to transport glucose to your cells to burn for energy. In addition, cholesterol is the vehicle by which many important hormones are manufactured and transported within your body.

High cholesterol is not the real problem when it comes to heart disease. The real problem is LDL cholesterol that has become oxidized, leading to arterial damage and the development of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and reduced circulation.

Prescription medications such as statin drugs may be recommended by physicians in an attempt to reduce cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, this class of drugs, while effective, can have some rather nasty long-term side effects. They can actually CAUSE heart problems.

Is there an alternative? Yes. A nutritional supplement called "Cardio-Cosanol" (Policosanol) can be tried instead of or in addition to pharmaceutical options. It's science is backed by clinical studies. Among other things, Cardio-Cosanol can improve the overall ratio of bad to good cholesterol and lower trigycerides. It's the ratio of these things which is really important in preventing disease.

Introducing Cardio-Cosanol™ ( Policosanol) - A Life Saving Nutrient

1.Policosanol does not interfere with your cells ability to create energy by utilizing important
Co Enzyme Q-10.

2.Policosanol is used by your own body to control the conversion of fats to Triglycerides which ultimately lowers the development of excessive LDL Lipoproteins (cholesterol),

3.Policosanol actually increases your bodies ability to take up LDL and burn it for energy,

4.Policosanol provides additional protection for your arteries from injury,

5.Policosanol protects LDL from oxidation,

6.Policosanol reduces platelet aggregation- the development of blood clots,

7. Policosanol is a safe all natural and non toxic nutrient. Even at doses that were hundreds of times the recommended dose, Policosanol had shown no signs of toxicity.


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